Aug-15, 2022 | BY MUSTENERGY

Solar Inverter With Lithium Battery Storage System HBP1800 PRO Series (5.2KW)

Energy Storage Lifepo4 Battery
1024kwh15.36kwh 20.48kwh25.6kwh Home System

MUST HBP1800 PLUS series energy storage solution is newly launched, support 5.2KW output for load appliance,based on the original cabinet-type solar energy storage battery. adopts the latest lithium battery storage system design.

In the process of power transmission, power consumption is reduced. Fully retain the use of load power. The battery cell uses the best safety LIFEPO4 to save costs.This energy storage system (HBP1800 PRO) provides high-efficiency power regulation capabilities,and its applications include power demand management, power dispatch, and renewable energy.Residential, school, commercial and public utility applications.

About Features:

  • Stacked movable energy storage systems;
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries use safe lithium cell LiFePO4;
  • The intelligent BMS system adopts the latest battery communication system;
  • Flexible investment with 5.12kWh modular design, scalable from 10.24kWh to 25.6kWh;
  • The battery capacity can be increased freely and flexibly according to the situation of home use;
  • Reduce electricity bills and increase your energy needs for electrical self-sufficiency.