Portable Power Station

HBP1600 TP Series (500W)


The portable power supply allows you to have accessible power wherever you go. It's a valuable gadget for emergencies, camping trips, boating trips, and more. With its ability to support 5 devices at a power of 500W, you'll live in comfort knowing that your devices will stay on top of charge.

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INPUTDirect current inputDC 5521 12-24V-5A
Direct current inputType-C PD60W
AC OUT 110/220VAC output voltageAC plug AC 220V±5%
AC output watt500W
Over-load protection550W
AC output wavePure sine wave
AC output peak1000W peak hold time
USB output portsUSB1 outputQC3.0 MAX 12V/1.5A
USB2 outputQC3.0 MAX 12V/1.5A
TC output portType-C1 outputPD18W
TC output portType-C2 outputPD60W
Wireless output 15W
DC output portDC1/DC2 Cigarette lighter12V/10A MAX
Charging parameter DC 12-24V/5A
Charging time5-6Hform 10% to 100% (auto cut-off)
Charging voltage25.2V±0.1Vthe voltage until full-charged
Protect function short circuit/over-load/over-heat/over-voltage/over-current/short-voltage
LED screenShow battery charging statusPercentage of battery charging status
DC/AC/PD working conditionShowing watt
Battery packTypeLi-on battery
RecycleOver 1000 times
Over-heat protectionAC over-heat protection≥85℃
 Battery over-heat protection≥65℃
Boot static 8W