Dec-28, 2022 | BY MUSTENERGY

New Journey, New Breakthrough, New Brilliance Together – MUST 2022 Year-End Review and 2023 Annual Strategic Planning Meeting

From December 9th to 11th, in such a southern climate where the sky is bright, the wind is refreshing, and the scenery is still green, all the management of MUST ushered in our 2022 summary review and 2023 annual planning meeting.

The theme of this meeting is “New Journey, New Breakthroughs and New Brilliance”, reviewing the achievements and deficiencies of the strategic planning in the first five years of 2022, looking forward to the development plan from 2023 to 2026, and implementing the 2023 annual plan, with new ideas, new strategies, New measures achieve new breakthroughs and draw a blueprint for the company’s future direction.

On December 9, the company’s management made a strategic deduction for 2023.

On the morning of the 10th, all management colleagues participated in three outdoor fun game competitions: dry land curling (brain power), wolves are coming (physical power), and hundreds of people fighting drums (mental power). Both old and new colleagues participated enthusiastically, which not only released pressure but also experienced In the work, if everyone thinks in one place, exerts energy in one place, if everyone coordinates and makes full use of their own roles, they will surely achieve outstanding results.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, our annual planning meeting officially began, and everything that happened in the past is a prologue. Summarizing the past, the most fundamental purpose is to plan for the future.

Mr. Wu Changhua, President, first gave a keynote speech, further clarified the development direction of the five-year strategic plan and the four-year development direction, and explained the company’s achievements in the past year and the new situation it is facing. In 2023, the strategy should focus, marketing should increase efficiency, consolidate stock orders, Expand business increments, seize development opportunities, and strive for the initiative for the company’s development. It is emphasized that in 2023, all colleagues in the company must comprehensively improve themselves in terms of “thinking, knowledge, ability, and physical strength”, carry out work boldly, take responsibility bravely, and achieve incremental growth in strategy, revenue, products, operations, and organization!

Next, the heads of each department made departmental annual reports and listened to inquiries and suggestions from upstream and downstream departments. 2023 is a critical year and the beginning of the post-epidemic era. Only the company’s top and bottom have firm confidence, one heart and one mind, and forge ahead bravely. Abandon the online model of “squatting at home” and go out with more courage, in order to forge ahead on a new journey, achieve new breakthroughs, and create new brilliance for Mercer’s 2023 annual revenue and development!