Jul-28, 2022 | BY MUSTENERGY

Must New Energy Management Team 2022 Semi-Annual Planning Meeting

In order to enhance the corporate culture, motivate employees’ enthusiasm for work and innovation, and improve teamwork and combat effectiveness, At the same time, it is also fully prepared for combat and mobilization for the work in the second half of the year.

On the day of July 23, Mercer organized the management team staff to go to Qiniang Mountain in Shenzhen. Our slogan was: “Go straight up, climb the peak bravely”!

The next day The theme of the meeting : “Work for a glorious future with our united efforts”!

First of all, the heads of each department make a summary report on the work of the department, and listen carefully to the summary report of the heads of each department.

It also pointed out the shortcomings of the work and the problems to be solved at present, and conducted discussions and exchanges, and put forward guiding opinions and suggestions.

The plan meeting clarified the company’s development direction and specific work content in the second half of the year. This trip fully carried forward the team’s pioneering spirit and never-say-die spirit, contributing to the company’s collective goals and working hard.