Jan-24, 2022 | BY MUSTENERGY

MUST holds birthday party for employees

MUST has always advocated the concept of happy work and happy life. On January 21st, the multi-functional cultural activity center of MUST Shenzhen Company was officially opened! On festive days, the company ushered in a collective birthday party in January, and the MUST family gathered together to celebrate the birthdays of many birthday stars.

Attentively Decorating

At the birthday party, the Manager of Miss Ou visited the birthday party to celebrate the birthdays of the birthday stars, expressed the company’s attention and care to the employees, and sent warm blessings and gifts to the birthday stars.

The birthday ceremony is inseparable from sweet cakes and blessing songs. Everyone sings birthday songs, blows candles, makes wishes, shares cakes, and enjoys well-prepared food in an atmosphere full of sweetness and blessings.

The game part is always the happiest part. The interactive mini-games fully mobilized the atmosphere of the scene, and everyone had a great time.

The birthday party brings not only a party to employees, but also tightly ties the hearts of unity and friendship. The future development of MUST is inseparable from the efforts of every MUST employee. We are grateful for the unremitting efforts of every employee. Let’s remember every memorable day! Grow together and struggle together to create a warm and united MUST family!