Lifepo4 Prismatic Battery

Lifepo4 Battery Cell 3914895 (50/60Ah)


Purpose-built for industrial applications the MUST of Lithium Prismatic Cells offers customers a ready-made solution that can be used in product validation stages or in full production. Available in a multitude of cell sizes and derivatives to address specific and unique performance requirements including specific energy, specific power, safety, performance, lifespan and cost.

Key Benefits

  • Rated Capacity Nominal Capacity:50/60 Ah
  • Energy density Energy density:145/160 Wh



With excellent thermal characteristics, the prismatic cell requires less cooling per energy unit when compared to the cylindrical lithium cell format. Additionally, the prismatics offers excellent cycle life expectancies even under high and varied load, which typically has an adverse effect on the life expectancy of other lithium cell formats. With a cycle life of up to four times greater than cylindrical lithium cells, the cost of operation and ownership for prismatics can be significantly lower.


This battery module is suitable for many new energy vehicles ( pure electric car, pure electric sightseeing car,pure electric forklift car, pure electric special vehicles ), solar storage and DIY your own power packs.


  • High energy density ,lower self discharge;
  • Outstanding cycle life with maximum reliability;
  • Easily to assemble battery pack;
  • Possible to form modules that are suitable for various pack structures;
  • 10 times life span longer up to 2000-8000 cycles;
  • 1/4 lighter than Lead acid batteries;
  • LFP battery can work in wide temperature from -20 to +75°C;
  • No memory Effect.

↓↓↓Installation Portfolio------------

Chemical systemLFP/C
Rated capacity (Ah)5060
Charging & discharging  rate1C/1C1C/1C
Energy density (Wh/kg)145160
Cycle  life40003000
Application areaBEV/ESSBEV