Jun-13, 2022 | BY MUSTENERGY

Chinese Traditional Festivals – Dragon Boat Festival

The fifth day of the fifth month is a traditional Chinese holiday – Dragon Boat Festival.

The Dragon Boat Festival began when the poet Qu Yuan was dissatisfied with the corruption of the court and threw himself in tears into the Luo Jiang River. In order to scare away the fish and shrimp in the river thus preventing them from eating Qu Yuan’s corpse, villagers who respected him threw zongzi into the river to feed the fish and shrimp.

Must’s employees got together in this traditional festival. With everyone’s active participation, the activity went smoothly and every partner was overflowing with Must’s happy smile. Eating zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival is one of the customs of Dragon Boat Festival. There is no doubt that the taste of zongzi is very delicious. And there are many kinds of zongzi, such as egg yolk zongzi, meat zongzi, red date zongzi, etc.

Must Group always adheres to the concept of people-oriented, caring for employees and serving customers in its operation and management. By continuously enriching the corporate culture, we improve the happiness, sense of belonging and sense of acquisition of our employees. It has laid a solid foundation for the long-term operation of the enterprise and created a good environment for the career development of the employees.