Jul-14, 2022 | BY MUSTENERGY

2022 First “Must Business Elite Returning to Factory Training”

About the project introduction and positioning

The return to factory training for business elites is to enhance the business ability of sales staff and build a sales force with excellent business, excellent service and efficient work. Two company-level training programs are held every year.

The return-to-factory training program for business elites is a training program that focuses on excellent lecturers from various technical support departments of the company through theoretical explanations, on-site practical operations, interactive Q&A, sharing by excellent business representatives, and problem sorting and analysis. It aims to improve the business personnel’s awareness of product knowledge, familiarize themselves with the production process, extract product selling points, solve problems in the sales process, and absorb the skills and experience of excellent business representatives, so as to better improve business skills and solve comprehensive problems. ability to create greater value for the company while achieving personal growth and development.

About training subjects

Theoretical course: EH5500, PH1000, EP1100 PRO, PV1100 PLUS, PV1800 series product explanation and general troubleshooting,Vehicle inverter series, energy storage system, aluminum acid battery, lithium battery and inverter machine matching explanation, photovoltaic water pump operation manual, after-sales operation process, maintenance manual description, installation manual, specification book explanation, vehicle inverter series, etc.

As well as the installation of products in practical courses, and the sharing of excellent business.

Training share feedback

We are very grateful to the company for spending so much effort in training us, which has allowed us to improve our knowledge to a higher level and have a more thorough understanding of the products. As a business, we can serve our customers more professionally and comprehensively.

Through this training, we have learned new product knowledge, reviewed and consolidated old knowledge, the training arrangement is reasonable, there are timely summaries and tests every day, and after the end of the review, we can review it again. learning content.